ArgKit is a Java 5 software library intended to assist a developer in building applications that use argumentation. It currently has two modules, Core and Dungine and has two demonstration graphical user interfaces, Scratchpad and TestViewer. ArgKit has been developed by Matt South while working at Oxford University as part of COSSAC and is released under the GNU Lesser General Public license (LGPL).

ASPIC software components

The ASPIC project website, argumentation.org seems to have been abandoned by the partner responsible for it. For those interested, the software components that were developed as part of the project, and previously available through that website can be found at http://aspic.cossac.org.

ArgKit mentioned in Bioinformatics paper

Albert Burger and his student Kenneth McLeod at Herriot Watt university have published a paper in Bioinformatics, entitled Towards the use of argumentation in bioinformatics: a gene expression case study which mentions ArgKit.

ArgKit 0-2-2 released

This release has an enhanced default GUI that allows users to save and load their own informal argument source for exploring Dung semantics.

ArgKit 0-2-1 released

A new version of ArgKit has been released. This release fixes a critical bug found in Dungine and also improves the way justifications are represented by showing the argument game as a tree and showing a trace of the game.

COMMA conference

In May I attended the 2nd International Conference on Computational Models of Argument and presented a paper on ArgKit introducing Dungine and showing the example integration with Araucaria. Some interest was generated. This is the presentation I gave.

To generate the class diagrams in the paper I used UMLGraph. Some notes on this process can be found on the wiki.

Design documentation updated

Design documentation has been added to the site.

Integrating Dungine with Araucaria

One of the claims of ArgKit is that it is easy to integrate with other applications. To demonstrate this, this article walks through an integration of Dungine with Araucaria. Araucaria is an argument mapping tool, mostly used for representing legal arguments.

ArgKit 0-2 released on sourceforge

ArgKit 0-2 has been released and setup as a project on sourceforge. This version contains argument game reasoners for grounded (sceptical) semantics and preferred credulous semantics. A default argument source is implemented and used to define a set of tests. A swing GUI, TestViewer is provided to review the tests. An editor, ScratchPad is provided to try out dungine, using the default argument source syntax. To use the Scratchpad, simply run the jar file (argkit.0-2.bundled.jar) that can be found in the root of the zip folder.

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